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[audio][UPL 020] Momolot - Momolot - Momolot
Momolot, consisting of Momo and Jan Strach, recorded an instrumental rock album, inspired by multilingual underwater adventures. The result is an ambitiously mixed, dense and fun jungle of amateurish guitar meanderings and primitive keyboard freakouts.
Keywords: momolot; jan strach; momo; underpolen; amateur psych
Downloads: 143 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][UPL 018] Projekt Luty - Pająk - Projekt Luty
Another stylistic detour for Projekt Luty, this time employing a different set of collaborators - there is no humor here, but some genuinely interesting riffs, floating in space next to wordless vocalisations and disjointed acoustic folk. Things turn weirder when angry screaming and prepared guitar sets in, culminating in a 20-minute long vocal passage, processed electronically until only static and crackle remain...
Keywords: projekt luty, underpolen, jan strach, folk, freeform, dark, amateur
Downloads: 166 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][UPL 004] poj. wlkp - Duchy z Dołu - poj. wlkp
poj. wlkp recorded his 4th album by primitive means, in a secluded cottage house. Although chirping birds can be heard in many pieces, the atmosphere is often that of despair. Flutes, guitars, mandolin overlayed using two tape recorders accompany the musician's voice on this record.
Keywords: poj. wlkp, duchy z dolu, duchy z dołu, underpolen
Downloads: 69 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][UPL 024] Nhumbhrukh - Moje - Nhumbhrukh
Asymmetrical drum loops, overlayed on some more asymmetric drum loops, or kick-drums interlocked in eternal buzz. On top of them instrumental samples, not matching, struggling, emerging and dissolving, merging into a heap of noise. The vocals growl, groan and whine, the noise becomes almost unbearable. By themselves, the samples could be perceived as normal, even pretty. Combined into this chaotic noise, they are only relentless...
Keywords: underpolen, nhumbhrukh, cybergrind, dhc, noise, amateur
Downloads: 262 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][UPL 028] Projekt Luty - Monokl - Projekt Luty
The set of unpublished recordings "Monokl" is "Krokus"'s rhythmical, groovy twin. While "Krokus" issubdued and even meditative, these songs have beats, electronics and more humor to them. Some primitive acid attacks, pseudo-drum'n'bass, genuine punkrock, vocal freakouts and jazzy breakdowns await the listener on Projekt Luty's 8th album.
Keywords: projekt luty, underpolen, jan strach, rock, post-punk, amateur
Downloads: 66
[audio][UPL 002] poj. wlkp - Usypianie Ptakow - poj. wlkp
The second album of poj.wlkp is a set of intriguing yet depressing acoustic songs. Each song is done in a different tuning, often far from traditional, droning and buzzing, accompanying the artist's tired, indifferent voice. The songs range from fairly traditional, through trancelike repetitions, to a strange final experiment.
Keywords: poj. wlkp; usypianie ptakow; usypianie ptaków; underpolen
Downloads: 37
[audio][UPL 005] poj.wlkp - Serpentyna - poj.wlkp
After some time spent trying to repeat the atmosphere and complexity of "Duchy z dołu", poj. wlkp decided instead to go back to the roots and recorded a simple set of songs, with melodies more traditional, but continuing the mood of contemplative melancholy. Songs 1-7 are simply voice and guitar, some songs sounding almost traditional and catchy. Number 8 seems to have been recorded on a portable dictaphone, while number 9 is oddly put through noise removing software and overdubbed with flutes.
Keywords: poj.wlkp, serpentyna, underpolen
Downloads: 65
[audio]Out Of Strach 04 - April 2013 - Jan Strach
In this issue: "Suddenly A Bird" is a song written as an assignment for a songwriting course Jan Strach took part in, "Songwriting" with Pat Pattison via coursera.org. (highly recommended). It is a story about a sudden bird, with a twist, murky and summery hazy I think."Opel Astra" is an odd-metered, fun rock song about my car, with surprises at every corner. I really love it and put most work in it from all the OOS's so far.Apart from it, a letter from another world inspired by a legendary poli...
Keywords: Jan Strach; Underpolen; Multimedia Album; Odd Meter; Songs about cars
Downloads: 23
[audio]Out Of Strach 03 - March 2013 - Jan Strach
In this issue: A tribute to E.R.'s dr Greene and a song quoting the cult Polish ethnologist, Oskar Kolberg, in disco style interspersed with casio rock. A movie of shadows, a story about the IKEA owner conspiracy and some photos and manipulations.ABOUT THE PROJECTIn January 2013 Jan Strach made a New Year's resolution to upload a multimedia album each month, containing various creations that he had invoked during the month before...
Keywords: Jan Strach; Underpolen; Multimedia Album
Downloads: 28
[audio]Out Of Strach 02 - February 2013 - Jan Strach
In January 2013 Jan Strach made a New Year's resolution to upload a multimedia album each month, containing various creations that he had invoked during the month before. The reason for this activity is twofold. First, to stimulate my own creativity and motivate me to constantly make things, second, to provide entertainment to the gerenal public. Each episode ought to contain at least: -1 music piece, -1 graphic creation, -1 movie, -1 text piece...
Keywords: Jan Strach; Underpolen; Multimedia Album
Downloads: 32
[audio]Out Of Strach 05 - May 2013 - Jan Strach
In this episode: a glorious animated adventure in crude symbolics with a soundtrack by yours truly.A song about a sea before a sea before a sea. Atmospheric as sea.A non-atmopspheric rock instrumental.A great text piece I am proud of. A couple is making out at a lakeshore when suddenly they observe someone in the water and then reality implodes.Jan StrachABOUT THE PROJECTIn January 2013 Jan Strach made a New Year's resolution to upload a multimedia album each month, containing various creations ...
Keywords: Out Of Strach; Jan Strach; Underpolen; surreal animation; postmodern writing; atmospheric sea song
Downloads: 4
[audio][UPL 057] Don't Look At Me I Am Deformed - We Are D.L.A.M.I.A.D. And You Caren't - Don't Look At Me I Am Deformed
I came out of my house one morning to find this monstrosity on my doorstep without any note or explanation. A single set of footprints in the mud ran from my stairs for a few meters only to abruptly end in the middle of nowhere. "Personal Space!" I screamed to no one in particular, shaking my fist. Then I proceded to listen. I guess this is supposed to be mainly electronic dance music but to actually call it that would be an insult to dance music...
Keywords: primitive; electronic; sampled; juvenile; crude; amateur; adhd; sloppy; underpolen
Downloads: 27
[audio][UPL 049] Deftechnixks - At Dusk I Painted Your Lips EP - Deftechnixks
Just like the last one, this Deftechnixks album was recorded based on Deaf Techniques, this time techniques DT01 (recorded without hearing the recorded track and without looking at the instrument) and to a larger extent DT11 (recorded without hearing the recorded track). This resulted in 12 songs, which, after a long consideration, were reduced to a six-track EP in order to not torture the listener too much...
Keywords: deftechnixks; underpolen; jan strach; experimental rock; avant-garde rock; conceptual; experimental; accidental
Downloads: 40
[audio][UPL 035] Deftechnixks - Pawprinting EP - Deftechnixks
"Pawprinting EP" gives beginning to an exciting process of developing perfectlyrandom music arranged by a computer, without any involvement by the composer. The results you can hear on this cd are notbreathtaking, however the record had to appear in order to constitute a basis on which the research can be improved and continued. Guitar chords on all frets in long and short variations, as well as in groups of four, ans drum sounds have been introduced to a computer, and then played back using the...
Keywords: deftechnixks, underpolen, jan strach, computer music, stochastic, aleatoric, chance, amateur, rock
Downloads: 75
[audio][UPL 038] Proyect? Moone Jazzers - The Corridor - Proyect? Moone Jazzers
A sinister vision of the future, described in apocalyptic poetry with menacing instrumentals as the background. A show of non-compromising authenticity, a mysterious musician with a unique vision, with a will to experiment and shock the listener on every curve. From the author: Somewhere in this cursed planet there is an alley, like so many others, and not many it is lightless, unkissed by the sun's embrace, paint pains the walls and the bricks are old a million years...
Keywords: proyect? moone jazzers, proyect moone jazzers, underpolen, amateur, experimental, poetry, apocalyptic, lo-fi
Downloads: 59
[audio][UPL 051] Nava Spatiala and Secrets Of The 45 - NSSOT45 - Nava Spatiala and Secrets Of The 45
This is a joint project by Secrets Of the 45 and romanian noise/ambient unit Nava Spatiala. Each project received three tracks of the other project and remixed them, using primarily only the track itself as basis for the remix. The resulting album is an exhilarating trip through glitchy landscapes, blurry drones, rumbling basslines, electronic chirps and whistles, enveloping the listener with alternating waves of noise and melodic hums, echoing in space, at the same time digital and organic.Nava...
Keywords: secrets of the 45; sot45; nava spatiala; underpolen; ambient; drone; glitch; noise; experimental; remix
Downloads: 26
[audio][UPL 045] Deftechnixks - Made Way - Deftechnixks
Jan Strach continues to experiment with accident and randomness in music, with this album trying to find balance between chaos and the creator's conscious choices. Each song consists of 5 tracks: Drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, vocals. The recording consisted of recording (in one take) one track for each of the songs, then leaving it for a couple of days in order to forget them. After the pause, another track was recorded listening to the previous ones, in one take, forcing the musician to improv...
Keywords: deftechnixks; underpolen; jan strach; experimental rock; avant-garde; randomness; stochastic; amateur; lo-fi; rock
Downloads: 80
[audio][UPL 021] Wuj Mietek - Wuj Mietek - Wuj Mietek
Combination of alcohol, absurd, bad music influences and the infinite possibilities offered by a Casio keyboard. Stach and Jan Strach.
Keywords: wuj mietek, jan strach, underpolen, comedy, casio, amateur, pop
Downloads: 39
[audio][UPL 056] poj.wlkp - Północ Półsen Półdzień - poj.wlkp
poj.wlkp, one of 9 musical projects of polish amateur musician Jan Strach, has always been his outlet for the most depressing, intimate feelings and it is not different this time. Sadness prevails in the lyrics and the melodies alike, which as always follow the diy ethics stated in Strach's "hortifolk" manifesto, but here the instrumental tracks are much more polished and include synths, keyboards and effects,no longer leaving the acoustic guitar as the main instrument...
Keywords: poj.wlkp; underpolen; jan strach; hortifolk; folk; rock; sadcore; amateur; odd meter; gothic; polish; diy
Downloads: 17
[audio][UPL 037] Secrets Of The 45 - Dvaelkvaela - Secrets Of The 45
On February 2nd 2012,on the day of Candlemas, Secrets Of The 45 publish an album inspired by this holiday - a mixture of folklore and catholic symbolism. The whimsical title is a few words from various languages connected to the symbolism of the holiday, interweaving and combined. All the melodies on the record were created out of one church song. Imagining starless winter nights, empty fields covered in February ice, flickering candles in the windows of cottages, which were supposed to keep lig...
Keywords: secrets of the 45; sot45; underpolen; drone; ambient; single source; meditative
Downloads: 57
[audio][UPL 047] Everywhere Kingdom - 2 (Blue) - Everywhere Kingdom
The second album by Everywhere Kingdom follows the strict rules of the first release: All the sounds here are improvised, with no specific ideas as to style, rhythm, with open mind, letting whatever happens to happen. That said, this offering is quite different from the previous release - the recorded melodies, improvised using synths, guitars and effect pedals, were trimmed from meaningless meanderings and the most lyrical, trancelike repetitions were chosen and then meticulously layered atop o...
Keywords: everywhere kingdom; blue; jan strach; underpolen; improvisation; organised improvisation; layered; chillwave; synths; echo; reverb
Downloads: 142
[audio][UPL 050] Jan Strach - Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę - Jan Strach
Inspired by a bout of nostalgia, Jan Strach dove into his archive of a few dozens cassette tapes full of songs recorded between ages of 16-20. After digging through a few hundred tunes, he selected the most interesting to present to you, dear listeners. From regular songs with acoustic guitar in the style of early poj.wlkp, through experiments with two cassette players, casio-created ambient, sampled rock tunes and mandolin instrumentals, Jan Strach shows creations, in perspective maybe sometime...
Keywords: Jan Strach; Underpolen; amateur; rock; pop; experimental; lo-fi; garage; diy
Downloads: 65
[audio][UPL 043] Projekt Luty - Nurt - Projekt Luty
Projekt Luty presents another new archival record, full of psueoindustrial beats, heavy guitars, catchy riffs, psychodelic noises as well as some melody from time to time. Punk, singing, screaming, squeals, casio percussion, amateur passion collide in a traditionally pleasantly chaotic mixture.
Keywords: projekt luty; stach; jan strach; underpolen; amateur; industrial; no wave; psychedelic; indie; casio
Downloads: 95
[audio][UPL 007] Secrets of the 45 - Ribbons Rabbit Rain - Secrets of the 45
Inspired by children and their unbelievably short attention spans, SOT 45 took several children songs and chopped them into pieces not longer then 1 second, then rearranged them into entirely new melodies. The effect is a little crude (it is a debut after all), but the short melodies are intriguing, sometimes, sweet, sometimes bordering on noise.
Keywords: sot45, secrets of the 45, underpolen, glitch
Downloads: 133
[audio][UPL 006] poj. wlkp - Czas Jest - poj. wlkp
A great step forward, this is the first poj. wlkp album recorded properly on an 8-track, using regular microphones, contact microphones and generally sounding clean - but also way more experimental than the previous offerings, thanks to possibilities offered by the new recording environment. From the multilayered "Można czekać" with strange vocal harmonies and busy flutes echoing in the background, through "Drzwi" drenched in reverb, more folk-inclined "Poddasze1", "Owce" and "Wiatr", honest a...
Keywords: poj.wlkp, underpolen, czas jest, neofolk, polish
Downloads: 333
[audio][UPL 001] poj. wlkp - Odglosy Ptakow - poj. wlkp
poj. wlkp's debut album are 7 acoustic songs, all one-take one voice-one guitar-one tape recorder offerings. The tunes are perhaps lacking technically, but earnest and pretty, especially when the author experiments with rhythm (Śnieg samotnie) or song structures (Czubki palców)
Keywords: poj. wlkp; underpolen
Downloads: 77
[audio][UPL 055] Projekt Luty - Rejestrator - Projekt Luty
This is an important album for Projekt Luty for two reasons. It is the first album recorded in nine years; plus, it is the first one recorded in "studio" conditions so to speak, or at least was not recorded to casette tape like all the previous ones. Musically as always with Projekt Luty it is unpredictable, but at the same time surprisingly coherent. Songs are locked within a tornado of swirling effects, simple tranceful repetitions of guitars and keyboards and occasional freakouts...
Keywords: projekt luty; underpolen; polish, amateur; garage rock; krautrock; post-punk; diy; stach; jan strach; underpolen; garage rock; amateur; kraut; post-punk
Downloads: 122
[audio][UPL 019] Projekt Luty - Sublokator - Projekt Luty
Ecclectic, experimental and serious again, employing the most collaborators, and helped by mixing experiments to create a dense, sinister atmosphere. Feedbacks, industrial rhythms, piano solos then turn to folk, synthscapes and acoustic rock. The most mature, but also the most demanding offering from Projekt Luty. Projekt Luty is an ever-existing musical project consisting of Jan Strach and any number of any persons...
Keywords: projekt luty, underpolen, jan strach, experimental, psychedelic
Downloads: 60
[audio][UPL 015] Projekt Luty - Potwór - Projekt Luty
"Potwór" sounds like a more laid-back and experimental version of "Zza". There still are looped jazz samples, but also a compressed breakbeat in "Rurociag" and the never-ending kraut-folk of "Dis-re-mis-re-placement". Projekt Luty is an ever-existing musical project consisting of Jan Strach and any number of any persons. Apart from that, there are no rules in Projekt Luty - the music is improvised as we go on (sometimes there is one or two rehearsals), style ranging from minimalistic humming, t...
Keywords: poj.wlkp, underpolen, jan strach, psychedelic, trip-hop, amateur
Downloads: 103
[audio][UPL 016] Projekt Luty - Kowalski - Projekt Luty
Leaving the trip-hop influenced brooding passages behind, Projekt Luty takes a step into the realm of quasi-punk weirdness, minimal proto-melodies, crazy drums, and all kind of noises, electronic and acoustic, thrown in. Rhythms and no-rhythms, screams, whistles and feel-good anthems are mixed into an amateurish and abrasive celebration of rock in general. Projekt Luty is an ever-existing musical project consisting of Jan Strach and any number of any persons...
Keywords: projekt luty, underpolen, jan strach, post-punk, no wave, amateur, psychedeliv
Downloads: 124
[audio][UPL 044] Proyect? Moone Jazzers - Jazzing To The Cat-like Moon - Proyect? Moone Jazzers
Proyect? Moone Jazzers, a mysterious musician from Western Europe, returns and this time presents ethereal, soothing melodies. Jazzy melodies are underpinned by a homemade, diy atmosphere, resounding on the background of a car alarm of dogs barking out on the street - which adds an intimate, mysterious dimension to the whole.
Keywords: Proyect? Moone Jazzers; Jazzing to the cat-like moon; underpolen; lo-fi; lofi; piano; jazz; diy; ethereal
Downloads: 238
[audio][UPL 008] Secrets of the 45 - Ich Liebe Sarah EP - Secrets of the 45
"Sarah Connor is a pop-starlet from Germany, singing in english. She got famous by releasing three identical ballads in a short period of time. I imagined an obsessed fan who keeps her songs in cages, breeds them until they mutate into horrible creatures, wailing, unable to die. For some time you can hear three ballads layered upon each other, so you can hear for yourself how similar they sound. After that they dissolve into rather interesting noise." SOT 45 Songs by Sarah Connor are mangled, sp...
Keywords: underpolen, sot 45, secrets of the 45, avant-garde, plunderphonics, amateur
Downloads: 62
[audio][UPL 027] Projekt Luty - Krokus - Projekt Luty
This album of unpublished recordings by Projekt Luty focuses on their softer side - the vocals are either accompanied by an assortment of folksy arrangements or a wall of soft synths, or there are no intelligible vocals whatsoever, only acoustic passages, flowing, tumbling, changing directions.
Keywords: underpolen, projekt luty, jan strach, folk, synth, soft, amateur
Downloads: 53
[audio][UPL 030] Everywhere Kingdom - 1 - Everywhere Kingdom
"1 (Black)" is a set of improvisations for guitars and synthesizers as well as sonic experiments. All the tunes were recording to a cassette tape, repeatedly covering, interrupting and completing previously recorded pieces.
Keywords: everywhere kingdom, underpolen, jan strach, improvisation, freeform, amateur
Downloads: 152
[audio][UPL 046] Underpopular Hits vol.2 (2012) - Various Artists
For the second "Underpopular Hits" compilation 1 song was selected from each of Underpolen releases 21 to 41. Ranging from folk, through ambient, conceptual piano soundscapes, experimental guitar freakouts, funny synthpop, it reflects pretty well the diversity of Underpolen, bounded together by a strong DIY feel and a lot of originality. As a bonus, three previously unpublished songs were added.
Keywords: Various Artist, compilation, best of, underpolen, underpopuplar hits, Proyect? Moone Jazzers, Projekt Luty, poj.wlkp, Secrets of the 45, SOT45, Akcja zorganizowanej Przeciętności, a.z.p., deftechnixks, everywhere kingdom, lugol's iodine
Downloads: 127
[audio][UPL 040] Lugol's Iodine - Staff EP - Lugol's Iodine
Menacing, bleak poetry combined with trembling, post-industrial groove, tinged with electronic gothic and neofolk...The band has a strong sense of dynamics, administering cold sounds, which evolve from seemingly simple repetitions into hypnotizing soundscapes. From the band: The third album by the band, "Staff" EP, was created in a duo, or even a trio Lech, the only constant member of the project, is responsible for the majority of music, and the arrangement and performance of vocal lines (as we...
Keywords: lugol's iodine; staff ep; underpolen; industrial; post-industrial; goth; polish
Downloads: 77
[audio][UPL 041] Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności - Dżon - Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności
Jan Strach returns as "Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności" with a new album of twisted songs collected during 5 years that have passed since the last album. Still present, while staying at a bit higher overall level, are prevailing casio melodies, skewed beats, mixed genres, jumps from one style to another, unpredictable, catchy melodies and semi-conscious lyrics. A.Z.P. invites you to zany fun to kaleidoscopical, often danceable rhythms!
Keywords: akcja zorganizowanej przeciętności; a.z.p; azp; underpolen; jan strach; ecclectic; amateur; casio; odd time signatures; offbeat; weird; pop; synthpop; casiopop
Downloads: 168
[audio][UPL 042] poj.wlkp - Most - poj.wlkp
While preparing material for the new album, it appeared that between the previous album "Gdybym Umiał Mówić" and the present enough nice songs were created to be issued on a separate record. What sticks out on "Most" are three versions of the title songs, in very different arrangements. As always poj.wlkp tries to avoid obvious solutions and reaches for surprising stylistic and rhythmic measures, keeping in touch with the lyrical melodicism and intimate, somewhat dark atmosphere.
Keywords: poj.wlkp, most, underpolen, jan strach, acoustic, folk, rock, dark, experimental, amateur, lo fi
Downloads: 60
[audio][UPL 033] Underpopular Hits vol.1 - Various Artists
Originally we intended to use it to celebrate the 30th album release of Underpolen, however we did not have enough time. So here it is now: 20 tunes, hand-picked by Jan Strach, 1 song from each of the first 20 (chronologically, not according to catalog numbers) albums released by Underpolen. As a bonus, three previously unpublished tunes. Recommended to everybody willing to "dive into" Underpolen for the first time.
Keywords: underpolen, compilation, best of, va, various artists, poj.wlkp, projekt luty, secrets of the 45, sot 45, momolot, nhumbhrukh
Downloads: 189
[audio][UPL 054] Jan Strach - O.O.S. - Jan Strach
Jan Strach returns with a collection of songs gathered from his short lived "Out of Strach" project which presented each month a new short film, photos, a short story and two pieces of music. The songs were recorded between January and May and due to the time constraints JS had to go with the first inspiring thought that he got at the moment - whichgave some great and varied results. The opening track is based on the reversed melody of "Frere Jacques" but ends in a stoner feakout...
Keywords: Jan Strach; Underpolen; amateur; rock; d.i.y; lofi; garage rock
Downloads: 108
[audio][UPL 003] poj. wlkp - Pokój w Deszczu - poj. wlkp
The 3rd album by poj. wlkp is a departure from the usual guitar-based acoustic experiments and the musician instead sits at a piano, composing on spot simple, but charming echoing, meditative melodies, often delving into improvisation. Recorded on a regular tape recorder again, the album compensates in melody what it loses in quality.
Keywords: poj. wlkp, pokoj w deszczu, pokój w deszczu, underpolen
Downloads: 47
[audio][UPL 036] Proyect? Moone Jazzers - The Murders Of The Static - Proyect? Moone Jazzers
"The Murders Of The Static" is a riveting concept album about a schizophrenic mass murderer, falling deeper and deeper into the chasm of his insanity, a musical journey through beautiful songs and disturbing, multi-instrumental soundscapes, a combination of inspired melodicism and dark, psychedelic atmosphere, at the darkest moments invoking tormented soundscapes by Current 93 or Dead Raven Choir. And here is the back story as the composer describes it: The Murderer of the static was a man who h...
Keywords: Proyect? Moone Jazzers, The Murders Of The Static, Underpolen, Concept album, Piano, Multi instrumental, amateur
Downloads: 90
[audio][UPL 010] Secrets of the 45 - Echidna Knots - Secrets of the 45
"When I got my first digital dictaphone, for one year took it absolutely everywhere with me, documenting all the sounds around me. Then I chose the best ones, and constructed some joyful little collages which you can listen to on this album." SOT45 Buzzing fridge, an oboe playing busker, creaking stairs; someone banging away on a CASIO percussion; snippets of conversations; a children's song looped ad infinitum, someone banging on glass; someone throwing huge chunks of ice onto frozen lake; and ...
Keywords: sot45, secrets of the 45, underpolen, collage, experimental, field recordings
Downloads: 58
[audio][UPL 017] Projekt Luty - Skóra - Projekt Luty
Starting with growled noise-rock, slipping into no-wave experiments, then filling with echoing synths, nonsensical banging then takes a step into a crazy acid 303. Silence, more silence, and 2 deranged covers, closed nicely with a kooky punk-rock song. This album is perhaps the best illustration of the ever-going, never ending transition that Projekt Luty underwent during the period of their greatest activity...
Keywords: projekt luty, underpolen, jan strach, noise rock, post-punk, amateur, psychedelic
Downloads: 207
[audio][UPL 029] Secrets of the 45 - Båten Forliser - Secrets of the 45
The 8th album by SOT 45 starts with an innocent melody, but quickly descends into murky, bellowing passages, with eerie beauty and groaning creepiness interchanging. All sounds used for creation of the album were taken from "Peer Gynt" suite by Edvard Grieg. Also the concept and the titles are inspired by Henrik Ibsen's dramatic interpretation of the myth. The music is sometimes harsh but mostly shows at least partially the classic gems that were used for the creation...
Keywords: sot45, secrets of the 45, grieg, ambient, experimental, conceptual, plunderphonics
Downloads: 147
[audio][UPL 058] Secrets Of The 45 - Lappers At The Rim - Secrets Of The 45
SOT45 presents a collection of previously unpublished recordings, gathered throughout the 10 years of the project's existence.Starting off with 3 early found sound constructions, ritualistic in their abrasiveness, the album then progresses to a minimalist deconstruction of a choir loop, slowly reducing it to a set of drones. It is then followed by two tracks from a discarded Momolot remix album - two approaches to rock music deconstruction - one busy and whirring, the second one blurry and dream...
Keywords: secrets of the 45; sot45; jan strach; underpolen; ambient; dark ambient; noise; collage; avant-garde; experimental; drone
Downloads: 39
[audio][UPL 013] Secrets of the 45 - The Pivotal Janitor - Secrets of the 45
"Inspired by story of Janus, the Italic god of change, doors and duality of everything. Also, one of Saturn's moons. Mentioned is the story of Carna, a Nymph whom Janus raped and then to make up for it, made her the goddess of hinges and doorknobs - hence one tune is composed entirely of doors creaking. Apart from that, a beautiful granulated acoustic guitar mixed with banging on a bucket and a tune played in a medieval castle; more magnetic tape; whistles; musical paper shredder...
Keywords: secrets of the 45, sot 45, underpolen, ambient, single-source, environmental, experimental, conceptual
Downloads: 89
[audio][UPL 023] Wuj Mietek - Blacha u Stacha - Wuj Mietek
One day Stach and Jan Strach got together at Stan's place and all of a sudden felt an overwhelming urge to make music. Not to be discouraged by lack of any musical instruments, they gathered pots, pans, bottles and metallic objects and recorded this wonderful short album.
Keywords: wuj mietek, jan strach, underpolen, post-punk, percussion, banging on pots
Downloads: 55
[audio][UPL 032] Secrets of the 45 - Toothless in Deerland - Secrets of the 45
"Toothless in deerland" is more trancelike than its predecessors, letting each sound present itself and draw the listener in, joined without hurry by a choir of semi-organic loops. Rattles, drones, elements moan and hiss, barely audible and recognizable. Some sounds seem to be there, but they are not. The source material was mainly concrete samples, which are still present raw and simple, completing the more melodic hums and stutters...
Keywords: sot45, secrets of the 45, underpolen, jan strach, ambient, collage, field recordings
Downloads: 65
[audio][UPL 031] Projekt Luty - Wzrok - Projekt Luty
Another collection of songs from 2004,radiates with blurry spaces, echoing female and male vocals accompanied by quite charming melodies. Featuring Yu, Stach, Strach, while also borrowing material from jam sessions with Skibcio and Mały, the material is diverse, but consistent in its melancholical - dreamy colors.
Keywords: projekt luty, underpolen, jan strach, dream pop, chillwave, amateur, lo-fi
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